How to Show Your Support

Like what you’ve seen? Want to help support Level 2 Gamers continue to bring great content to viewers? Check out the ways you can donate.

1. Level 2 Merchandise:

We’ve teamed up with Spreadshirt to put our logo on clothing, phone cases, and coffee mugs. It’s a great way to show your support while staying stylish.

2. Patreon:

If a direct donation is more your thing, consider a monthly donation through Patreon. These donations go a long way to help us purchase new games and equipment so we can always bring the most current, top quality content your way.

3. Able Gamers:

Able Gamers is our charity of choice. This amazing organization provides modified controllers and special assistive technology to gamers with disabilities #SoEveryoneCanGame. We donate to them often and hope you will, too.