Level 2 Weekly Podcast Schedule

Each week we post three podcasts/vidcasts focusing on games, nerd culture, and whatever else we find interesting that week. Alongside these weekly standards, we’ll post  gameplay, reactions, convention coverage, and whateverelse tickles our fancy. We call these videos, “Extras.”

1. Level 2 Podcast:

Our standard, weekly Level 2 Podcast, where we discuss things relevant to us as humans. We may also reminisce a bit, and play a game or two. This is where we bare everything to you as far how we run our channel, our day-to-day struggles, and the reasons for our business decisions.

2. TCSX Podcast:

The Triangle, Circle, Square, X Podcast is our weekly dive into Sony’s world of play. We talk about all the latest movings and musings from the Playstation universe, including shining a spotlight on two games of our choosing and answering a big question with a big debate.

3. Codename Morpheus:

During the Codename Morpheus Podcast, we dive into Virtual Reality, donning the shiny white headset that used to go by the codename ‘Morpheus.’ Of course, we all know and love it now as PSVR. This Podcast is a weekly dive into the news, new releases and sales of the week. We also shine a big spotlight on one game in particular, alongside a back and forth on our VR question of the week.