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Level 2 Podcast

Level 2 Podcast Ep. 34

Level 2 Podcast | Episode 34 | Keegan’s Overwatch Obsession, Five Fun Facts, Tom in America

Welcome back to the Level 2 Podcast! In this episode we talk about Keegan’s recent obsession with Overwatch, including getting into competitive because he’s been watching the Overwatch World Cup 2017. We then transition into 5 fun facts about Overwatch before finally finishing on Tom’s story of him coming to America from plane up to today.


Level 2 Podcast

Level 2 Podcast Ep. 33

Level 2 Podcast | Episode 33 | Indy PopCon, Sound Byte & Tom the Rapper!

On this week’s Level 2 Podcast, Keegan discusses our experience at Indy PopCon, we play “Sound Bytes” – where Keegan has to guess a game based off sound effects alone – and Tom’s tale is about his 10+ years of being a hip-hop mc in England.


Level 2 Podcast

Level 2 Podcast Ep. 32

Level 2 Podcast | Episode 32 | Prom, Name that Game & E-Sports

Welcome to the new Level 2 Podcast format! This week Keegan discusses his high school and how insane they are when it comes to prom, Tom plays name that game where he has to figure out a game Keegan picked by only uses closed questions.