Level 2 Vlog | Indy PopCon | 2017

So as we normally like to do during a Con trip, we documented our journey, all the sights and sounds, big moments and small, and wrapped them all up in a tidy little package for you. Instead of doing a per day thing for Indy 2017, we opted to do one big Vlog documenting the entire trip. From the second Keegan pulls up at Tom’s house, to the second they get home and discuss the weekend.

In this video you will see the inner thoughts of the pair throughout the event, we have a bunch of celebrities, both from the acting world and the YouTube world, a bit of our Panel, some floor footage, Harley being Harley, and a special surprise for Keegan towards the end.

Treat it like a documentary – you don’t have to chew the whole thing at once.

We love you all. Thank you so much for being a part of what we do.