Level 2 Gamers are a small, independent, gaming channel in St. Louis, MO, offering a full schedule of vidcasts and podcasts, gameplay videos, live streams, reviews, top fives, event coverage, and more. Founded in 2015 by Keegan and Tom, two friends with very different personalities and a joint love for video games, the Level 2 Gamers strive to ensure their content is relevant and exciting for their viewers, aka “The Legion.”

Keegan and Tom love going to industry conventions and bringing their viewers the very best of the show floor, cosplays, artists, developers and celebrity interviews. Level 2 Gamers are regulars at Wizard World and Indy PopCon, and even hosted a panel at Indy PopCon 2017.

Level 2 Gamers and Team are also avid supporters of The Able Gamers Charity and have raised over a thousand dollars for the organization through 24-hour live streams.

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Content Schedule:
Wednesday @ 11:30a.m CST – TCSX
Thursday @ 11:30a.m CST – Codename Morpheus
Friday @ 11:30a.m CST – Level 2 Podcast
Sunday @ 9:00p.m CST – Live Stream